PV-7 Antenna

PV-7 Portable HF Multi-Band Vertical Antenna (40m - 10m)
with Durable & Stylish Aluminum Carrycase

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PV-7 Antenna in the Field

Here is the PV-7 Portable HF Multi-Band Vertical Antenna -- a BRAND NEW antenna designed to deliver both extreme portability AND exceptional performance at a bargain price. The antenna is a portable vertical HF design that utilizes a telescoping whip antenna, collapsible multiband coil, convenient feedpoint connector and portable counterpoise for maximum portability and efficiency. This antenna design is a perfect choice for portable, QRP (low power), Field Day, temporary or emergency radio operations.

Total weight of the antenna is only 3 lbs. (1.4 kg) and while assembled height of the antenna measures an incredible 12 feet (3.7 m), amazingly, the entire antenna disassembles to roughly 12 inches (30.5 cm) in length and can therefore be stored in a tiny case for travel or backpacking operations. Additionally, this antenna incorporates a convenient multi-band tuning coil that permits quick band changes without having to swap any antenna coils (like other portable antennas).

Using the convenient multi-band tuning coil, the antenna quickly tunes and covers all of the following bands with up to 100-watts of RF transmit power (at spectacular SWR matching):

  • 10 meters (28 MHz)
  • 12 meters (24 MHz)
  • 15 meters (21 MHz)
  • 17 meters (18 MHz)
  • 20 meters (14 MHz)
  • 30 meters (10 MHZ)
  • 40 meters (7 MHz)
  • And EVERYTHING in between!
PV-7 Close-ups

Great for Field Day, EMCOMM, Campers/RVers, Backpackers & QRP/Portable Operators!

This antenna is an outstanding choice for small, affordable, durable, efficient and portable multi-band HF antennas! Perfect for Field Day Operations, Emergency Communications (EMCOMM), Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS), Campers, RVers, QRP and portable operators. Users are simply amazed at the quality and quantity of contacts that can be made using the incredibly small and efficient PV-7 Portable HF Multiband Vertical Antenna!

It makes a perfect choice of antenna for use with the Yaesu FT-817, Yaesu FT-857, Yaesu FT-897, Yaesu FT-100, Icom IC-706, Icom IC-703, Icom-7000 and any other other portable HF transceivers. It makes for a perfect shortwave receiver antenna too!

Commercial Antenna Performance at Half the Cost and Size!


Each PV-7 Portable Antenna package includes all pre-manufactured parts, ready to assemble and get on-the-air immediately:

  • 1 Telescopic Whip Antenna Assembly
  • 1 Feedpoint Insulator (with BNC connector)
  • 1 Multi-Band Loading Coil (with tuning wander lead)
  • 3 PVC Risers (for coil assembly)
  • 2 PVC End Caps (for coil assembly)
  • 2 Steel Risers (for antenna post/ground stake)
  • 1 Counterpoise Radial Wire Set
  • 1 Owner's Manual/Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Aluminum Carrycase (optional: +$25)

Ordering & Shipping Information

We Can Ship International

You can now order your PV-7 antenna online, have it arrive within weeks and be listening and talking around the World with this incredibly portable HF antenna! Use the secure shopping cart below to place your online order. We accept instant online payments of Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Credit Cards via our approved retailer CCNow secure payment gateway. We package and ship antennas to anywhere in the world. Packages are usually shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS) ground delivery but we may also ship via United States Post Office (USPS) depending on your location. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery (as each antenna is manufactured at time of order).

PV-7 Portable Multi-Band Vertical HF Antenna

PV-7 Antenna KitINCLUDES: 1 Telescopic Whip Antenna Assembly, 1 Feedpoint Insulator, 1 Multi-Band Loading Coil (with tuning wander lead), 3 PVC Risers, 2 PVC End Caps, 2 Steel Risers, 1 Counterpoise/Radial Wire Set and Owner's Manual

PV-7 Portable Multi-Band Vertical HF Antenna (with Aluminum Carrycase)

PV-7 Antenna KitPV-7 Aluminum CarrycaseINCLUDES: 1 Telescopic Whip Antenna Assembly, 1 Feedpoint Insulator, 1 Multi-Band Loading Coil (with tuning wander lead), 3 PVC Risers, 2 PVC End Caps, 2 Steel Risers, 1 Counterpoise/Radial Wire Set, Owner's Manual and Aluminum Carrycase

Made in USANOTE: Please allow for 1-week construction/assembly of your antenna -- as all orders are manufactured as they are received -- and 1-2 weeks for domestic (US) delivery and 2-3 weeks for international shipping. If you have any questions about orders, please send email to: sales@airtronix.com

Customer Support

Download the Owner's Manual by clicking here: PV-7 Owners ManualPV-7 Owner's Manual 293K (PDF format -- requires Adobe Acrobat)

After you purchase an antenna, if you should ever have any questions or are in need of replacement parts, please email us anytime at: sales@airtronix.com Please feel free to provide valuable feedback about the PV-7 antenna.

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